Monday, December 3, 2007

AJAX File Upload with Progress Bar (+PHP)

This post maybe the result of my ignorance of perhaps my lack of google-art-of-search to find any good solution around the challenge of doing an AJAX File Upload with a Progress bar, written entirely on Javascript and PHP on the server.

After breaking my head against a wall trying to find any guru around that 'could' have done a good solution to this matter, I found a couple of interesting links such as the jqUploader JQuery plugin by lussumo (with a SWF object for upload), the tesUpload object (with a Perl script to get the bytes uploaded info) by Tomas, SWFUpload object (another flash object) and the closest one to what I am wondering about but requires PHP to be patched to make use of upload_progress_meter_get_info.

I wonder if it is possible to actually do what I am saying and if there is any solution out there that I missed on my googlexperience. I have seen some scripts around there that promise such solution but when I tried, poof!, it didn't work as expected. So the challenge is here... I am going to try a solution that actually checks the actual file size of a temporary file after an uploaded form has been posted... Anyone for the challenge? or anyone knows any 'guru' out there to get me to the right direction?



Anonymous said...

AJAX file upload review on ajaxprojects

pixeline said...

hi tony,

jquploader was made by pixeline ( not lussomo :)

other than that, if you are using PHP5.2+ then there is a built in function that allows to track upload progress without the use of a hack

hope this helps

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