Friday, May 16, 2008

Hi all,
I would like to introduce you to my new project: I do not know if you know IBIZA, 'the white island' or the 'party island' as everybody call it in EU. It is a guide aimed to fullfil information gaps of other guides in the island.

What programming interest have this site? Well, again, I am making use of a javascript tool made by the guys of LIVEPIPE called Control.Modal for Prototype.js. I have my javascript widely open in the pages so you guys could get a working example of how this library works (I will surely make use of lightboxXL but in the near future as I am programming this good tool to hold more than just for videos and/or pictures... The site has also good PHP techniques that, if anyone is interested, I will explain the procedures behind and the problems I faced at the beginning (google throws a lot of garbage on its searches as you all know!). For example: How to create search engine friendly url's ( to

Anyway... this is already too long... feedback on this guide is highly welcome

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Link said...


Great to see you're getting a chance to use you programming skills professionally. It'd be a waste after all your hard work if you didn't get a chance to use your skills.

Suzy and I planning a Europe trip for sometime in the next few years (Suzy's going to Paris next year - but I have to stay home :( )

It would be great to catch up while we're on your side of the globe.

Keep up the programming!

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